Alleppey situated in south of Cochin, is the centre for backwater cruises in Kerala. It has a large network of canals which passes through the town, provices its lifeline & has a long sandy beach. It is also the centre of the famous coir products of Kerala. Nehru Trophy Boat Race - the most colourful snake-boat race in Kerala - is held here on the second Saturday of August every year.

Orthodox Syrian Church has mural paintings depicting the apostles and scenes from the life of Jesus christ.

Alleppey is the gateway to the inland water ways of Kerala. Cruise through small canals pasing paddy fields, villages and small water lodged town-ships to enjoy the scenic beauty and to get a glimpse of the unspoiled rural life of Kerala. Backwater boat cruises are conducted by Alleppey Tourism Development Co-operative Society. The important ones are given below:-

Place Distance Journey Time Rates

1) Alleppey-Kottayam 29 kms 3 & 1/2 hours Rs.75
2) Alleppey-Ernakulam (Alternate days) 74 kms 7 to 8 hours Rs.125
3) Alleppey-Quilon (Only one trip) 85 kms 8 hours Rs.150
4) Alleppey-Champakulam 16 kms 1 & 1/2 hours Rs.50

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