Kerala's awesome backwater network includes five large lakes interlinked by beautiful narrow canals, and filled by 41 gushing rivers flowing down the hills of the Western Ghats. This amazing system of waterways is dotted with towns and cities offering backwater cruises that traverse the nooks and bends of narrow canals, estuaries and lakes.

Come over : experience the culture and spirit of Kerala’s backwaters. We have houseboat cruises, backwater facing resorts, and can help you interact seamlessly with traditional communities living on the banks.
Kerala’s backwaters harbour and support fragile coastal ecosystems that offer shelter to many unique species of aquatic life like crabs, frogs, mudskippers wetland birds like terns, storks, herons, cormorants, fishing eagles, and animals like otters and turtles. We are sincerely concerned about these ecosystems and ensure all our tour programs are eco-friendly and leave the smallest possible footprint.

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Kerala's coastline has remarkable beaches strewn all along its 580 km length. Rocky beaches, beaches with high laterite cliffs, high surf beaches, beaches with forts, lagoon beaches, plain old beaches, wild beaches – you name it, we have it all. Pontiac Journeys organises tours to all popular beaches like Kappad, Cherayi, Varkala, Kovalam and further down south to Kanyakumari where many seas meet. Kerala's beaches must be kept clean and litter free. All our tour programs are eco- friendly and leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

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Hill Stations
Hill stations were refuges from summer heat for European colonisers and are high altitude places that have a more pleasant climate when compared to the plains. They offer spectacular mountain views and are very good for treks, tent camps and wildlife viewing. Pontiac Journeys operates tours and treks to and within Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, Wynad and Vagamon.
Hill stations also offer wildlife viewing and birding opportunities and we at Pontiac Journeys, through our passion for wildlife and nature, have charted out fascinating treks and tent camps through the montane forests. You can view wildlife, watch birds and butterflies and commune with nature like never before.

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Wildlife Sanctuaries:
As of now, Kerala has 6 national parks and 14 wildlife sanctuaries located mainly along the thickly wooded regions of the Western Ghats, the most recent being Pampadum Shola, the smallest national park in India. The astonishing biodiversity of tropical evergreen rainforests can be experienced upfront and close while on a trip to any of these sanctuaries. Pontiac Journeys provide tours to sanctuaries that include trekking, wildlife viewing, birding and butterfly spotting, guided by naturalists, if required.

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pic1The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in the southern state of Kerala in India is spread over the southeast corner of the Western Ghats, and covers a total area of 128 km2 (49.4 sq mi).

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pic1 Kodaikanal located amidst the folds of the verdant Pali hills is one of the most popular serene hill stations in India...

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pic1 The term 'ayurveda' literally breaks up to mean the knowledge (veda) of life (ayu)...

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