Tour Package 10


Day One

You are dropped off at the beginning of your trekking trail by the jeeps awaiting your arrival. You are taken, along by your guides on this one-hour drive on these rough, winding mountain roads through immaculately terraced tea gardens.

There is a short break to stretch your legs before you begin an enchanting trek through lush green valleys and pine forests. Your escort a descendant of the original inhabitants is there provide you information on the plants and animals in the forest.

You pass alongside wild rhododendrons that wave in the cool breeze of the mountains and provide a perfect backdrop for you to set up camp, under the tents provided.

Day Two

Begins after breakfast as put on your trekking shoes for a hike that takes you all the way up Meesapuli malai. Meesapuli is the second highest peak south of the Himalayas, just a few metres short of Anaimudi the tallest officially declared inaccessible to trekkers or mountain climbers.

The trek exposes you to a unique and rather fragile ecosystem sustained by the presence of the shola grasslands. These grasslands have a definite role in maintaining the water table of the area and is in fact the reason for the crystal clear perennial streams that run through the area. You will find here many species of flora and fauna that are endemic to the region.

At the end of the climb to a point that dwarfs everything around the view as is to be expected is to put it in short awe inspiring. The trek from this point is one which takes you to, a favourite camping site of the earliest pioneers the British settlers, Camp Malai.

You get to enjoy a quiet restful dinner after an exhausting climb disturbed only by the sounds of the Indian Hornbill, and the flutter of wings of the Atlas Moth (the largest of its kind in the world).

Day Three

Affords you the luxury of relaxing after having completed a trip that very few have. The luxury of a late and leisurely breakfast after which you walk through to a Yellapatty a vegetable growing village. The jeeps are here waiting for you to drop you back for a shower and change at your hotel. Speak of your rugged tour up the mountain and you will find even the local people gathering around wide-eyed in surprise and admiration.

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