The hills of Kerala are a much sought after destination for trekkers and those who love long walks through wild places. Pontiac Journeys has a bouquet of treks and tented camps through rainforests and tropical grasslands of Munnar. You can watch the hill birds of Kerala or butterflies or even wildlife while on these treks.

Cycling Trough Winding Country Roads
Kerala has umpteen winding, country roads that make bicycle riding a pleasure and an education. The foothills of the Western Ghats are inlaid with beautiful country roads that wind through tea slopes and spice plantations. Pontiac Journeys have itineraries that can satisfy serious bikers as well as first timers.
Join us for our bicycle tours through winding country roads of Kerala.

Para Gliding
The intermediate hill slopes of Kerala offer ideal conditions for para-gliding. The wind is just right in these hand-picked slopes and para-gliding was never so good. We have expert para-gliders associated with the National Adventure Foundation guiding and supervising the entire activity. We also provide tandem gliders for first timers who don’t want a solo flight. Additionally, we have ex- Indian Air Force instructors to initiate those of you who like to para-glide all by yourself. Pontiac Journeys guarantee an exciting and fun experience on the hill slopes of Munnar.Click

Bird Watching:
Pontiac Journeys organises birding tours for die-hard birders and wildlife enthusiasts. Endemic birds, wet land birds, winter migrants, local migrants, uncommon birds – over 500 tropical species to observe and photograph. Our birding guides are naturalists who will identify butterflies as well as birds ensuring a memorable birding experience in the Western Ghats.Click

Rock Climbing/Rapelling
Rock climbing is the thrilling and exciting scaling of steep rocky surfaces, usually with climbing equipment, ropes and gear. You have the choice of either free climbing or climbing with aids, as the situation demands. There are good opportunities for rock climbing in the predominantly basalt rock formations in the Western Ghats. The safety of climbers is top priority and our rock climbing programs conform to international climbing standards.Click

Jungle Jeep Safaris
We have organised Jeep safaris through approved forest roads – tented camps and treks can be combined with Jeep rides to make a wholesome experience of the wilderness of Kerala. Safaris include tented camps complete with kitchen tents and cooks serving you hot, freshly cooked food at the camp site. Click

pic1The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in the southern state of Kerala in India is spread over the southeast corner of the Western Ghats, and covers a total area of 128 km2 (49.4 sq mi).

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